Some things never change: Ben Lovejoy as an 18 month old, Ben Lovejoy as a grown ass man.

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Michelangelo Merisi Caravaggio | Judith Beheading Holofernes | 1599

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Frank Dicksee | An Offering | c.1885

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Texts From Last Night ⇨ Sidney Crosby + Evgeni Malkin

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ok like 45 years from now we’ll be old and have kids and maybe grand kids and shit and imagine sitting around a tv watching a hockey game and they do a tribute to your favorite player back in the day and see him walk out on the carpet in his old jersey and wave to the crowd im cryin

wtf was i thinking with the post im such a dumbass

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Twinkle twinkle little slut
Name a guy you haven’t fucked.
Was he skinny?
Was he tall?
Nevermind you did them all.
Twinkle twinkle little bitch
Close your legs it smells like fish.

Twinkle twinkle little shit
Try to think of this a bit:
Does it affect
You at all
Who has sex or none at all?
No it doesn’t, little shit,
Shut your fucking mouth you twit.

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ok grandma

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what’s the difference between a dirty bus stop and a lobster with breast implants ?

one’s a crusty bus station and one’s a busty crustacean

#i’ve told this joke a million times and it NEVER fails
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All I want right now is a man to sleep with.

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